Your Website's Real Value

The True
Value of
Your Website

The true value of your website

Over the years I’ve created websites for all types of businesses offering all manner of products and services.

One common theme among all clients is a desire to drive and attract more traffic. But I wonder. Is that all there is to a website? Just traffic?

The answer turns out to be a definite no.

Attracting traffic is simply one component of your website’s role

Let’s face it, a website is an asset that should be generating revenue for your business, therefore the goal should ultimately be just that – generating revenue.

When it comes to Not-for-Profit or NGOs the goal could very well be gaining as much traffic as possible to create awareness, but a business is first and foremost a money making enterprise and as such the ultimate measure of your website’s success is the income it generates.

So stop counting clicks and start measuring revenue

I’m always dismayed when I audit a client’s site and see they’ve been using an online marketer who apparently has no understanding of their business arena or their business model.

I can’t count the times I’ve seen online marketers focus solely on clicks, impressions and click-through-rates. In my mind, they are misguided and usually ripping their clients off. My reasoning for this is simple; Your website, paid advertising, social media and online presence in general should be attracting qualified buyers – consumers who are ready to deal with your business.

These are the people located towards the bottom end of the sales funnel and well past the research phase.

In other words, your visitors need some potential value to your business. If you’re paying for pointless clicks and unqualified traffic then you will simply drain your pockets and your asset could easily become a liability.

Rethinking your website as a business asset

It’s a well established fact that consumers usually carry out extensive online research before buying from a business for the first time.

But what do they look for? What makes them click the buy button or pick up the phone, or email you with an enquiry?

The answer in short is a positive perception of your business. What they perceive to be true about your business taken from the visual cues your website is offering up.

No amount of traffic driven to your website will convert if your site does not answer the questions in their head or resolve their doubts.

A website is a powerful backup for offline marketing too!

Think about a new prospect you’ve just found, or a new lead that’s come into the business. You pick up the phone and make contact, discussions go well and you decide to tee-up a meeting.

What do you suppose is the first thing that new lead is going to do when he or she puts the phone down?

Answer: visit your website They do this to get reassurance about things such as the size and scale of your business, your capacity, your trustworthiness, your history, your experience and so on.

Therefore your site must be up to the task. It should be ready to back up what you’re saying and reassure new leads that you really are the business they should be dealing with.

Suppliers do it too

It’s often overlooked but my own experience in business has shown time and again that suppliers look for reputable vendors by searching on the internet.  Just like any consumer, they’re looking for someone who is trustworthy and has the client base and capacity to sell their goods and services.

A well planned website that showcases your business as professional or as an industry leader will attract quality suppliers, eager to have you represent them.

This is especially the case in WA where global businesses and businesses located on the east coast of Australia are always on the lookout for representation in our remote state. Make no mistake – their very first port of call is a visit to your (and your competitors) website.

Keeping your website working for you

To sum up, think of your website as an anchor point for all your marketing, an asset that has intrinsic value to your business and treat it that way. Just like any other asset, it needs to be maintained and updated regularly to ensure it’s working at its optimal level.

Like to know more or have your website audited?

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