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Ever wondered how visible your site really is? Where you rank for certain keywords? What’s holding your site back?

Tenacity’s obligation free website audit will help you realise what you’re potentially missing out on, and more importantly, how to drive more qualified traffic to your site.

My audit is partly automated but I also take the time to go over your site and look at the fundamentals – not just keywords.

You can view a full sample of my FREE report here in pdf format.

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Note: This comprehensive report¬†can take up to six hours on working days and results will be emailed to you as a .pdf document. Please allow longer on weekends because I manually view and navigate your site, assessing it’s speed, layout and general user experience.

Like to know how much an average business can improve?

Below is some key data on a typical Perth based small business with moderate amounts of traffic.

Keep in mind, this is after taking over from an existing SEO consultant who was driving irrelevant traffic to the site. My technique eliminated wasted clicks, reduced their overall Adwords budget and improved their organic search considerably.

It’s also important to remember some businesses have a “critical mass” of traffic. For example, businesses selling helicopters in Perth would have limited traffic whereas someone selling dresses from an online store would require large volumes of traffic. Your SEO consultant needs to identify this sweet-spot so you don’t overspend.

So onto the data below…

Client without Tenacity SEO, in August 2017


Same client with Tenacity SEO, August 2018