Business plans and planning

Business plans and planning

Tenacity helps you create the perfect business plan

Staying focused in business can be challenging at times. There are constant distractions, tempting diversions and occasional disasters that must all be met head on. There are times when money and sales land in your lap and times where you wonder where they went! The point is, businesses are always operating in a state of flux and you, as the owner, need to be steadfast in your direction and unwavering in your commitment to the goal.

Enter the business plan!

Your business plan needs an audience

I prefer to think of a business plan as a road map. Something to gauge where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. A well written business plan is actually a very valuable document. It can be offered  to your bank manager, financiers, insurance brokers, landlords or even investors to help them understand what you’re all about and where you intend to take your brilliant new business.

Having said that, your business plan’s most important reader is you.

Your most important business document is actually a process, not a piece of paper

Your business plan is your complete written set of goals and boundaries, your road map to success and your point of reference when your navigating rough seas. But it’s more than that – it’s a professional document that should describe your projected startup costs, your forecast income & expenses and the working capital you need for the first 12 months. Your plan should also describe the arena you intend to operate in as well as your strengths, your weaknesses, your opportunities and your threats. In any case and regardless of it’s form, your plan will be an honest assessment of you and your business. That in itself makes for one very important document.

By the way, you can read about my business plan process here.

Your business plan structure

Tenacity helps business owners develop well structured business plans in a professional and easy to follow format. Each business plan touches on goals, products, services, competitors, HR, procedures, insurance, finance – you name it. Nothing is left to chance, allowing you to step forward in your new venture with the utmost confidence.

Business plan packages

Tenacity’s business plan packages provide you with key insights and direction about your new business venture at a fixed price. Or, if you need a professional guide to help you formulate your business plan simply book a time and let’s work through it together.

Read about what the Tenacity’s business plan process here and what you can expect with a Tenacity business plan here.

So let’s get cracking today!

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