Websites, SEO, Adwords & Social Media

Websites, SEO, Adwords & Social Media

Tenacity can help you position yourself in the online world and connect with customers.

Spoilt for choice and distracted by the myriad of digital media, apps, websites, radio, TV and print advertising, it’s little wonder businesses can struggle to make meaningful connections with potential new customers.

So how do we get our message through to this empowered yet distracted consumer? How do we measure our success? How do we get found online? How can we effectively reduce our spending for online advertising and how can we refine what we’re doing to make it as efficient as possible?

Building an online and offline strategy

The answer for micro and small businesses is to plan and build an effective, all encompassing online and offline marketing strategy. It requires some thought and planning, as well testing and refinement – but you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve with a limited budget.

Gone are the days of simply sending out flyers, bombing mass media with hit and miss advertising or writing up a classified ad. “Spray and Pray” advertising belongs to a bygone era of marketing. It’s dead and buried. Nowadays you have a golden opportunity to truly understand the consumer – to market to them with a high degree of accuracy and receive instant feedback.

Measuring the success of your online and offline promotions

I can explain to you in simple terms the whys & wherefores of building your business online and offline and how to connect the two. I can show you how to measure the success of your offline promotions so you’re no longer left guessing and how to analyse website data and use it in a meaningful way.

Packaged solutions

Tenacity offers packaged solutions at a fixed price or I’m also available for short hourly, half day or even full day sessions at your premises to help you implement your own SEO, e-comm or social media strategies.

So let’s get cracking today!

Simply contact Lee via email or book an appointment online.