Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

Tenacity can help you with offline marketing

It amazes me how so many businesses these days are ignoring basic offline marketing as a part of their overall strategy.

Offline marketing is just as crucial to a business as online marketing, although it seems to have been ignored in pursuit of the seemingly easier strategy of promoting online.

But it needs to be said; online marketing has serious limitations for some types of businesses and in many cases it can be little more than an expensive and time consuming chore. You need to get the mix of online and offline marketing right.



Developing a real-world marketing plan

My own personal experience as a B2B owner has shown me that marketing can take on many different forms depending on your business model, and it’s not always a case of spend money to make money.

Think about these forms of marketing that cost next to nothing:

  • Making appoMarket-Positioning-Model-Tenacity-Business-Consultingintments for presentations
  • Business and personal networking
  • Knowing how to contact key personnel in a business
  • Having the knowledge to win tenders and contracts
  • Contacting key government buyers (even if you don’t qualify for their supplier guidelines)

These are just a few examples and they are by no means ineffective. In fact, it takes just one phone call, one meeting or one tender to completely turn a business around. Marry these skills with an effective integrated marketing plan and your business could so

on be on its way to being bigger and better than you ever imagined.

Tenacity specialises in developing these real-world skills while developing an integrated marketing plan for your SME. That’s why I believe even a couple of hours spent with me is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Packaged solutions

Tenacity offers packaged marketing solutions at a fixed price, or I’m also available for short hourly, half day or even full day sessions at your premises.

So let’s get cracking today!

Simply contact Lee via email or book an appointment online.