My SEM, SEO, Google Ads and Digital Marketing Process

My Process

My complete SEO and online marketing process is end-to-end.

“Keywords” and “Traffic” are overused words in digital marketing. They’re often used by lazy marketers who fail to understand the power of targeting online consumers by understanding their behaviour. 

So I go much further than keyword selection and driving traffic, in fact don’t be surprised if I eliminate a great majority of the  keywords you are already using now, or if you’re just starting out, ask you to provide a minimal list of keywords and key phrases.

That’s because my methodology involves focusing on the stuff that works and eliminating the stuff that doesn’t

I don’t care about mountains of traffic if that traffic is not ready to buy from your business. I would rather see one qualified click than one thousand online tyre-kickers. The former will make you money, the latter will cost you money – it’s that simple.

I also uncover what happens when consumers arrive at your site. Is your site setup for conversion? Is your site easy to navigate? Does it send the right message? And so on…

Therefore my site rebuilds & tweaks include:

Delivering a clear business message to the visitor
Providing improved UX (User Experience)
Increasing visibility on Google and Bing
Setup for easy conversion
Pitching to consumers at the right level

Of course, if you need basic Adwords management, or even one-off assistance I can help there too. 

My process also reduces cost while increasing traffic

I do this by:

increasing your Adwords Quality Score
continually testing and refining your ads and landing pages
closely monitoring your bids and adjusting them regularly
eliminating pointless clicks and removing unnecessary parameters  

To get started simply select your preferred package here, send me an email or give me a call on 0438 39 22 39.