Welcome to Tenacity Business Consulting

Today, nothing is more important than how your business is perceived online and in the real world. Perception is everything in a customer-centric world – but being able to back up what you promise online requires real world solutions too.

Tenacity provides professional consulting, coaching and integrated marketing for business owners of all levels, but my service brings something very different to the table.

You see, I’m not fresh out of university. I’ve lived the trials and tribulations of a small business owner since 1996 and I understand the stresses, the demands and the exhilaration of running a small business. And as any experienced business owner will tell you – it’s not getting any easier. The digital world, if anything, has made it more complex.

So let me put your business on the right path and help you to create something great.

Lee McCarthy

Cert. Business Computing

Cert. Small Business Management

Cert. Marketing 



Startup advice for micro and small business
Starting out can be challenging but an ultimately liberating experience! Tenacity understands there's more to starting a business than simply registering a name and creating a Facebook page. It takes a leap of faith, courage and determination...
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Websites, SEO, Adwords & Social Media
Tenacity can help you understand the weird world of SEO, content, Google Adwords, social media, data analysis, user experiences and customer journeys. We can provide sound advice on implementing the most cost effective solutions relevant to YOUR business...
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Business plans and planning
The single most important document for your small business is a business plan. The planning stage can be seen as your road map to success (or failure) so it's vital you understand what lies ahead of you in your business journey. Tenacity can help you write your business plan in a professional, structured and easy to read format...
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Business tweaks and innovating
Does your small business need a good old kick in the guts? It's operating but only just? There's something not quite hitting the mark and sales are suffering? Tenacity's Business Tweaks service can provide you with an outsider's view of your business and help you get to the core of the problem...
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Tenacity can also help you with…
With a wealth of business experience I can assist you with anything from product development & local manufacturing to advice on importing from China. I can show you the advantages and disadvantages of using Amazon & eBay or I can help you make sense of your website data...
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Tenacity’s methodology is to work one on one
My methodology differs from most business consultants because I prefer to work with a small number of clients in any given period. To train and to enlighten them - one on one. To help them understand how to plan their business...
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